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From: Kevin Blah
Subject: Forever Chapter 6Thanks everyone for your comments, keep sending 'em! mySithiehotmail.com----------------Forever - Chapter SixAs we walked out of the door, my dad told us petite preteen tender to not stay out too late. I
planned on taking Damon to dinner tonight, since we've never done that
before. Damon was dressed as his usual sexy self. He was dressed in black
cargo jeans, his red Nike shoes, a shiny red t-shirt, a black foro terra preteen bomber jacket,
and a to top it off, a red hat. Didn't know what brand of boxers he was
wearing, although, I really wanted to find out. We caught the bus downtown
as we did before, and decided that today we were going to go all out. I had
eighty bucks in my pocket, and Damon had fifty in his. The first thing on
our agenda was to go see a movie.We walked up to the ticket booth and I looked over the movies, scanning for
the longest playing one. I finally made up my mind and said to the cashier,
"Two for Perfect Storm, please."Damon asked, "You're buyin' for me?"I replied, "Of course," and gave him a smile.The cashier handed me the tickets and I handed her the money. She told us to
go down the hall and to the left, third theater on the right. When we walked
in, it was almost completely empty. The only other people in there were in
the front four rows, so we had the whole back to ourselves. We picked the
farthest back row, and the seats all the way over to the wall. Then I
remembered the one thing I love about this theater, the seat dividers are
removable, for easy access to, well.. ya know.. I moved the divider, and sat
on the seat closest to the wall. The lights dimmed as Damon sat cameltoe preteen
down next to
me, and Damon put his head on my shoulder. I leaned over to him, and asked,"You wanna'.. well, do anything here?""Not too much. I wanna' save it for tonight. I plan on making sweet love to
you."When I heard that, it just melted my insides and gave me that tingly feeling
that only lovers get. I squeezed him closer, and he grinned happily. I
looked into his eyes and told him that I loved him. He looked at me, and
with the lights from the movie against his eyes, it was magical. I was
enticed in the moment. I leaned forward, and as both of our heads turned
slightly our lips met in sweet harmony. I put my arm around his back and
pulled him closer. I opened my mouth slightly and stuck my tongue in his. I
could taste his sweet breath, and preteen model lina with every breath I felt like I was a part
of him. Our tongues danced silently while the movie played. His hand moved
from his lap, and crept up my shirt, and rubbed my chest, while locked in
our kiss. His index finger traced around each of my nipples, preteen give blowjob
and in turn,
each of them became hard. I ran my fingers through his hair, and I could
taste his saliva. I was really horny, and if we had kept going, I probably
would've cummed right then and there, but I stopped."Hey, I thought we were saving it for later?" I asked him."I can't help it.. you're so sexy I just want to make out with you," He
said.I had the butterflies in my stomach again.I replied, "Awww, preteen russian pussies now I just can't resist you!"He kissed me once more, but nude preteen kid
this time it was my hand in his shirt. I
fingered his belly button, which made him giggle a little, because he was
slightly ticklish. I hooked my hand in the front of his boxers and the ends
of my fingers were touching his soft pubes. I was horny, and I needed relief
fast. "Must resist, must resist," I thought, but it was very hard to control
my thoughts. The movie ended shortly, and we all were ushered out of the
theater. We walked back out into the street, and I stopped to look at my
watch. It was 5:51, and my stomach was growling."Wanna' go eat? I'm planning on treating ya' to it." I asked him."Really? I don't wanna' make you pay any more.. you just paid for the
tickets and the popcorn and soda." He gave me sad puppy-dog eyes."Really. I can afford it, my dad gave me a twenty, remember?" I patted my
hand against my pocket which held the twenty manila preteen nonude
dollar bill.I wasn't sure what restaurant to pick, but we settled on a small seafood
restaurant on a corner near the movie theater. We walked inside, and the
door slammed behind us with the bells jingling. The sign read, 'Please seat
yourself', so that's what we proceeded to do. An old rough-looking woman
came over to our table with a pen and pad in hand and told us the specials.
Damon didn't like any of them much, but I liked the seafood platter. She
said she's come back in five minutes so that we could decide. Damon finally
decided on steamed shrimp, and the woman promptly returned in five minutes.
We both told her what we wanted, then she walked back into the kitchen to
start our orders. I looked across the table at Damon. He looked a little
troubled, and I wondered what was wrong."Damon, what's wrong babe? You look a little upset," I asked."Well, you know nonnude preteen how the parent-teacher conferences are this week?""Yeah.""My mom and dad signed up to go in and I'm flunking science and English, and
they're gonna' find out.""Damn.. is there any way you can convince them not to ground you? I probably
couldn't bear to be away from you for too long, you know.""Nope," he said, pouting, "when they find out, I'm gonna be in deep
trouble.""When is their conference scheduled for?""Tomorrow.""I guess there's no turning back now then," I told him."Yeah, I guess that's true."The waitress brought out our food, and we ate rather silently for a preteen panty legs usual
meal between us. We sat and munched on our food, and didn't virgin preteen bbs
say a word the
whole time. I'm not sure what he was thinking about, but if I had to bet on
it, I would say it was about his school grades. He looked pretty upset about
it. I wanted to cheer him up, but I wasn't sure what would do it. Something
began to beep next to me. I looked down to my waist, and my pager was going
off. The number was my house, so I told Damon that I'd be right back and
went outside to the payphone. I put the change required preteen defloration pics in, and dialed my
number. After two rings my dad picked up and he sounded a bit rushed."Kevin, there's an emergency at work, and I have to fly to Houston overnight
to fix something. I'll be back on Thursday night. Is that okay?""Yeah, sure.""I'll see you on underage preteen nymphet Thursday then, okay Kevin?""Yeah.. have a safe trip," and I hung up the phone.I walked back inside and told Damon the news. He was excited, and I
immediately thought about the possibilities."Check, please!" was the next thing out of my mouth.We took the bus home, and ran inside to my bedroom. He tackled me onto my
bed, then tore his jacket and shirt off (not literally), and sat on top of
me, straddling me on either side. I removed my t-shirt, and slid my pants
down to my legs. My boxers were fully tented in front of me, and as he
removed his jeans, I could tell that he was too. I pulled down my boxers
quickly, and he did the same.He asked, "Do you wanna' try that thing that we were doing earlier?"I replied, "Yeah, it sounds great by the way you were moaning."He answered in return, "Well, I didn't want to quite use my finger.. I want
to uhh.."All I could do in response was nod. I got up petite preteen tender
quickly and went into my
bathroom. I tore through my shelves, and found some KY jelly that my dad had
put away in the back of the closet. I went back into my room, and got on the
bed. I showed him by hand motion which way I wanted to do this. I lubed up
my ass with the jelly, and he lubed up his cock. I pulled my legs above me,
and preteen ilegal xxx
put them over my head, and watched as Damons hot tool got closer and
closer to my ass. I felt a light pain as my muscles contracted and got used
to the feeling, and then he started to move in and out of me. As he did
this, he reached in front of him between my legs and jerked me off at the
same time. I could feel his dick in my ass, so hot and pulsating. I moaned
and yelled louder than I had remembered doing before, and Damon was also
moaning a bit loudly. His love tool was grinding inside my ass, and he was
going to cum soon. I watched his face as he clenched his teeth and grunted
as his sweet juice shot into my ass, a feeling so indescribable that I
immediately shot my load into the air, which promptly landed on my chest. He
collapsed on top of me, heaving, huffing, and puffing. I was short of
breath, and all I could do was moan in pleasure after receiving anal sex for
the first time. We laid on my sheets, his tool remaining in my ass, then
dozed off to sleep for the night.--------Want me to keep writing? Mail me at mySithiehotmail.com
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